(Things you'll find lab members frequently exclaiming in their natural environment)

Shubha: "Please maintain the red and blue colour scheme throughout."

PostDoc: "Excuse me, it is salmon and cyan."

"Do not lock the lab, I am assembling my genome"

"Bro, pluck it like an eyebrow"

(Senior grad student teaching junior how to extract choroid plexi from ventricles)

"There was no signal in our brains"

"Are you getting a brain anytime soon?" 

"Come I'll teach you sexing"

(Sexing : the process of determining the sex of a mouse pup/embryo)


"Majorly' is not a word!!"

"I am fascinated by the neuron-glia cell fate witch"

"She is Lakshmi without an X"


“The experiments will be done after Hari starts breeding”

“We took the brains from Shobhona Sharma’s lab..”

“I have to re-do again”

“Hey, I have forwarded you his proposal”

Hey, your brains are thawing!”


“Intimidation is the best form of flattery”

“I imagined I was Ryan and put my Zip in his drawer”

“I have 4 pups!  I have 4 pups!” 

Shubha, at a dissecting microscope: “I have nine heads!”

Student mutters in the background:  "That’s one short of Raavan"

(Raavan = 10 headed demon king in Hindu mythology.)

“Hi, you’re Malini, right?”

“ You can call me Malini, but my name is Lakshmi


“He killed a fly with my notepad! Waaa!!”

Dida to the fly: “Chol ra ae OOOOOOOOooooo!!!”

“Shubha! I did that neuron!”

“Dida has no plugs; what is the status of your plugs??”

A usual day in the lab (unwitting spectator: Shubha’s travel agent waiting for payment). Ashwin hurriedly walks into the lab announcing “Dida 4 female pregnant hai, 2 maine use kiya 2 tere liye rakha hai”  


Spectator offers to leave without payment!!!!

“Don’t you have work today??" ... 

“ I am waiting for my brains to sink!!”

My brain does not have electroporation :( but Kranti’s brain has.”

“Have you cut your brain or Kranti’s brain??”

“No No.. I have cut Kranti’s brain, not mine"

"Yes yes, I have increased my mating!!!"

Tailpiece:  “Poonchdi se DNA nikaalna hai”

Header by Arpan Parichha and Urvi Mishra