Achintya Srivastava


Joined 2021

Born and brought up in Prayagraj, I have done my B.Sc. in Zoology from BHU, Varanasi, and M.Sc. in Life sciences from JNU, New Delhi. With an obsession with neuroscience since time immemorial, I joined this lab and am currently interested in development and functioning of upper-layer cortical neurons. My hobbies include consuming media and exploring places. 

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Anasua Mandal


Joined 2022

Majoring in Zoology with a Bachelor's from Scottish Church College, Kolkata, and a Master's from Banaras Hindu University, I have always had a passion for genetics, evolution, and developmental biology. What piqued my interest in neuroscience was the inherent complexity of how the brain develops and functions, and how concerted the whole process is. All roads eventually led me to join this lab as a PhD scholar in 2022. When not in the lab talking about the brain, one can usually find me watching food videos or with my nose in a fantasy fiction. 

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Dr. Archana Iyer


Joined 2017

How we perceive the world and react is a result of how our brain is wired. I am fascinated by how the developing brain achieves immense complexity capable of performing diverse functions. This interest led me to pursue a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from Sophia College (Mumbai) where I learnt different aspects of neuroscience with model systems ranging from drosophila to cell lines to zebrafish. I then did my PhD at the University of Trento (Italy) examining how microRNAs regulate neuronal wiring in the frog visual system. I returned back to India and joined Tole lab where I examine cortical neuron and glial development currently as a DST INSPIRE fellow. 

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Amrita Singh

Integrated MSc-PhD

Joined 2019

Armed with a BSc in Zoology from Kolkata and some undergrad experience in field biology, I followed my love for animals, the brain and behaviour to join STole lab as an Integrated MSc-PhD student in 2019. In the lab, I’m currently engaged in studying patterning and cell lineages at the dorsal midline. After work hours, if I'm not out stargazing at the TIFR seaface, you'll likely find me engrossed in my sketchbook or the latest sci-fi novel.  

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Debarpita Datta


Joined 2021

I am a master's student at TIFR and I graduated in microbiology(Hons) from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. My area of research is genetics in the field of neurodevelopmental biology. Apart from my field, I am especially interested in epigenetics, molecular biology, immunology, and other interdisciplinary areas of biology. Research experience includes internships during BSc years. Besides academics, I am in love with recitation, dance, and arts & crafts. 

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Ishita Talwar


Joined 2021

I completed my bachelors in Zoology from Gargi College, University of Delhi. I have also been a part of a research project as an undergraduate which further made me enthusiastic about various aspects of research. I am able to combine current academic knowledge and theoretical training with practical experience. In the lab, I am interested in studying early neurogenesis. Outside of the lab, I enjoy cooking, dancing, reading, hanging out with friends and trying new cuisines.

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Mahima Bose

Integrated MSc-PhD

Joined 2017

Born and brought up in New Delhi, I have had a fascination with science since childhood. I graduated with a Bachelors in Biomedical Science from the University of Delhi, where I had my first exposure to scientific thinking and research. My deep interests in understanding the brain, its formation and functioning led me to be a PhD scholar at Prof. Shubha Tole’s lab at TIFR. Here I am studying how the brain produces a precisely balanced population ratio of neurons and glia (support cells of the brain) and how do these neurons develop further to form complex short-range and long-range connections. 

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Mansi Srivastava


Joined 2023

Everything about Developmental Biology fascinates me. My PhD thesis explored the intrinsic metabolic mechanisms that regulate gene expression in pre-implantation mouse embryos. Now in STOLE Iab, I am venturing into neurobiology, hoping to understand the metabolic decisions that happen in a developing brain. Other than Biology, Bird-watching and Coffee satisfy my soul. 

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Parama Mitra


Joined 2023

Born and brought up in Kolkata, I have done my Masters (5 years-Integrated) in Biotechnology from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. My passion for solving the molecular mysteries of the brain has led me to join the STole lab as a graduate student in 2023. When not doing science, I find my peace in dance, music and audio stories.


Prachi Bhatia


Joined 2021

Having earned a bachelor's degree in zoology and a master's degree in human genetics, I have dived into the world of neuroscience. I am fascinated and intrigued by the fate switch of progenitors for gliogenesis once neurons are formed in early development.

One can always find me dancing around within and outside my work space.


Reanne Fronteiro


Joined 2021

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Life Science from St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) Mumbai. I work as a JRF in the lab and am interested in all things neuroscience but particularly neurodevelopment and also the neurobiological basis of anxiety and related disorders. Apart from biology I enjoy music, painting and reading.


Samhita Radhakrishnan

Visiting Student

Joined 2023

I have always loved both biology and maths and the bioinformatics work I do in STOLE lab is, i think, a perfect blend of the two. Outside the lab, I love to dance, crochet and play sports.


Former Post Doctoral researchers (came from; current position)

(M) Dr. Sreenath Ravindran (PhD InStem, Bangalore)

(F)  Dr. Nidhi Saikhedkar (PhD CSIR National Chemical Laboratory, Pune; Science Writer at JoVE)

(F)  Dr. Shiona Biswas (PhD U. Rochester, USA; DBS Visiting Fellow 2019-2021)

(F)  Dr. Mallika Chatterjee (PhD U. Conn, USA; Wellcome-DBT Early Career Fellow 2013; faculty at Amity University, New Delhi, India)

(F)  Dr. M. Bhavana (PhD- NCCS, India; Wellcome-DBT Early Career Fellow 2011; junior faculty, InStem, Bangalore, India)        

(F)  Dr. Geeta Godbole (PhD- NIRRH, India; Wellcome-DBT Early Career Fellow 2012; Scientist at CIPLA)

(F)  Dr. Swetha Godavarthi (PhD- NBRC, India; post doc, Salk Institute; Project Scientist at UCSD)

(F)  Dr. Nandini Gokulchandran  (MD-Nagpur Medical College; Dep. Director, Neurogen, Mumbai)

(F)  Dr. Vishakha Mangale (PhD- NIRR, Mumbai; COO and Co-Founder, Omix Research, Banglore)

(M) Dr. Alfredo Socorro (PhD- ULL, Spain)

(M) Dr. Ben Martynoga (PhD- U. Edinburgh, UK)

(F)  Dr. Malini Sathanoori (Associate Director, Clinical Cytogenetics, PathGroup, Nashville, USA)

Former Students (current position)


(M) PhD Varun Suresh (PhD 2023; postdoc with Tomasz Nowakowski, UCSF)

(M) PhD Arpan Parichha (PhD 2023; Faculty at CSIR-IGIB, Delhi)

(F)  PhD Suranjana Pal (PhD 2019; postdoc with Linda Richards, Washington University)

(M) PhD Ashwin Shetty (PhD 2013; postdoc with Paola Arlotta, Harvard University)

(F)  PhD Achira Roy (PhD 2013; postdoc with Kathy Millen, U. Washington; faculty position at JNCASR, Bangalore)

(M) PhD Dhananjay Huilgol (PhD 2012; postdoc with Josh Huang, CSHL; Sr. Res. Assoc., Duke University)

(F)  PhD Anindita Sarkar (PhD 2012; postdoc with Fred Gage, Salk Institute)

(F)  PhD Lakshmi Subramanian (PhD 2008; postdoc with Arnold Kreigstein, UCSF)

(M) PhD Hari Padmanabhan (PhD 2008; postdoc with Jeff Macklis, Harvard Medical School; working with Biotech company)

(M) PhD Bhaskar Saha (PhD 2006; Faculty at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai)


(F)  Urvi MIshra (MSc 2022; PhD student at Boston University)

(F)  Tuli Pramanik (MSc 2020; PhD student at U. Texas)

(F)  Zeba Khatri (MSc 2017; scientific writer and editor)

(F)  Basabdatta Roy (MSc 2016)

(F)  Upasana Maheshwari (MSc 2014; PhD student at FMI, Basel; postdoc at University Hospital Zurich)

(F)  Neha Rajadhyaksha (MSc 2009)

(F)  Dhananjay Chaturvedi (MSc 2008; PhD student at U. Texas, Dallas; postdoc at NCBS Bangalore)

(M) R.V. Satyaki (MSc 2007; PhD student in Cornell University; postdoc at Whitehead Institute)

(F)  Aditi Falnikar (MSc 2006; PhD student in Drexel University; postdoc in Columbia University)

(F)  Mugdha Deshpande (MSc 2006; PhD student in U. Texas, Austin)

(M) Ryan Remedios (MSc 2005; PhD MPI, Tuebingen; postdoc with David Anderson, Caltech; Faculty at Helmholtz Zentrum, Munich)

(F)  Vanisha Lakhina (MSc 2004; PhD student in University of Pennsylvania; postdoc, Princeton University; Medical Director, ProHealth, New York)

(F)  Lakshmi Subramanian  (MSc 2004; PhD 2008, TIFR; post doc at UCSF)

(F)  Aditee Vyas (MSc 2002; PhD 2006, IGBMC, France; Research Scientist at Nicholas Piramal, Mumbai)

(F)  Sarada Bulchand (MSc 2002; PhD, postdoc at TLL, Singapore; Faculty at Duke-NUS Singapore)

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